ATR New Format

ATR to continue in new format

You may have read in the Chairman’s message that the current printed version of Australian Target Rifle is to cease publication with the May/June issue. As the Chairman explained, this decision by the State representatives and NRAA Board members was made at last November’s annual meeting on financial grounds and not taken lightly.

Since then, much work has been done to ascertain how ATR might continue as an electronic publication. The aim is to produce an electronic magazine in the simplest, most straight forward and accessible way so that NRAA members wherever they are will have the opportunity to read their magazine.

It is pleasing then to be able to tell you that the first electronic version of ATR, the July/August issue, will be available to download from the NRAA website in .pdf format from July 1. This is a well proven platform for electronic magazine publishing and should cause few if any issues.

Some members might not be on the friendliest of terms with a computer and, understandably, may not welcome this change. Personally, I am still fond of paper publications and a regular visitor to my local newsagent, but that makes me part of a shrinking minority.

After a long time considering this issue I formed the view that an electronic ATR is way better than no ATR at all. The format we are using for the new ATR can also be read on a tablet or smartphone, and will allow for local arrangements to help members without access to any of these.

There are upsides to electronic publication. ATR will be freely available to all members via the NRAA website, and also to other interested parties around the country or around the world. This represents a much better deal for ATR’s advertisers who will over time reach a much bigger and more diverse audience.

It may also broaden our sport’s reach into the community, particularly with younger people, and help with both membership and our public profile.

ATR has been published for a little over 21 years, an appropriate age given it is growing into a new era.

Daniel Cotterill