Nominations – Australian Rifle Team, Bisley 2021

It gives me great pleasure to announce my appointment as Captain of the Australian Rifle Team, by the National Rifle Association of Australia, to contest the prestigious ‘Australia’ match at Bisley, UK, in July 2021

The Australia Match Team will consist of; Captain, Manager and Main Coach, 2 x Target Coaches and 12 x Shooting members, including reserves. This is a green blazer team.

Whilst we are in Bisley we will also be competing in the MacKinnon, Kolapore and Overseas Matches, this in total means we are aiming to take a squad of 21 people.

I now invite nominations from suitably qualified NRAA members for the positions of Shooters and Coaches for this team.   

Nomination forms are available from the office of the NRAA and can be downloaded here.

Attached members, spouses and partners are welcome to accompany the team and I would be pleased to receive expressions of interest from people who may wish to help on this tour in roles of check scoring and assisting where required.                

Nominations are to be sent to NRAA at or PO Box 414, Carina 4152.

Nominations are to be received by close of business, 1st February 2020.



The intention is to select a suitable squad of nominees that will trial at Belmont the day before the NRAA teams Matches on 13 June 2020.  From this selection trial the High-Performance squad of 21 athletes will be selected to represent Australia.  These will be Captain, Manager, Master Coach, Three Coaches, 15 Shooters including reserves.

Selection criteria would include but not limited to, Trial performance, Previous State and National Team performance, Previous Individual Queens performances.

We would aim to have the Team announced preferably by 1st August



The Australia Match Development Squad will then be required to attend a full training camp on the Easter weekend of 2nd to 5th April 2021. You will also be required to attend regional training; this will ease the burden of excessive travel and cost. Please note that you can attend any advised regional training.  Our final full team training will be held on the Monday after the National Championships in 2021. Dates will be confirmed as soon as possible.




Gifts and Plaques   $           500.00
Member Team photos   $           300.00
Transport costs   $        5,000.00
Team Additional Uniform /Bag   $        3,900.00
NRAA & Team Booklet (200 print run)   $        2,500.00
Contingencies/ Equipment   $        1,000.00
Practice days   $        1,200.00
Unofficial Matches UK   $           750.00
Team Expenses   $     15,150.00
Airfares (allow excess baggage)   $        2,000.00
Other Travel Expenses (Living)   $        2,100.00
Car hire ( Shared )   $           300.00
Accommodation ( Shared)   $        1,000.00
Individual Entries   $        1,000.00
Uniforms etc   $           400.00
Equipment costs   $        1,100.00
    $        7,900.00
Team Expense Per person   $           721.43
Individuals Expense   $        7,900.00
Total Gross Budget   $        8,621.43


We will be seeking sponsorship to help defray team costs.


We have a strong management team that has already been identified to help us deliver an exceptional high-performance squad that will lead us to gold. Please contact any of the below if you need  further information.

Captain:              Darren Enslin    

Vice-Captain:    Jim Bailey           

Manager:           Catherine Berry


I look forward to leading a team of committed athletes who are dedicated and passionate about returning our prestigious trophy back home.


Darren Enslin

Australian Team Captain