Expressions of Interest – Australian F Class Open U25 Team and Australian F/TR U25 Team – F Class World Championships, South Africa 2021


Captains, Coaches and Shooters

Expressions of Interest are currently being sought from interested persons to fill the positions in an Australian F Class Open Under 25 Team and an Australian F/TR Under 25 Team to compete in the 2021 F Class World Championships.
Each team will consist of a maximum of 8 members made up as follows: Team Captain, Manager/Adjutant, 1 Coach, 4 Shooters and 1 Reserve.
Expressions of Interest should be forwarded by email by no later than Tuesday 30 April, 2019 to:


FCWC Conditions 2018 1 May 2018 FC2 FC3.8. “Under 25” is defined as the individual’s 25th Birthday falling on or after the first day of the Individual World Championship. The Adjutant/Team Manager may be over-25 but if he is, his role on the firing point is limited to acting on behalf of the Team Captain with Range Staff or the Organisers. The armourer(s) appointed for the open team(s) may attend to assist an under-25 competitor at need.