Australia Match Results

Preparations began today with the final practice for the team before tomorrows Australia Match. The final team has been announced in shooting order for tomorrow. We will be trying to provide results through this link for range results.

Click here for results

Australian Rifle Team, South Africa 2017

Captain:         Darren Enslin

Manager:       Brad Semmler

Main Coach: Geoff Grenfell

Coaches:        Jim Bailey                                               Steve Negus

Shooters:      Ben Emms                                              David Black

Lee Robinson                                         Kathryn Kent

Rob Sweegers                                        Gillian Webb-Enslin

Mark Thurtell                                         Donna Negus

Matt Pozzebon                                      Tim Berry

Reserves:       Duncan Davies

Peter Thurtell

Armourer:    Peter Schafferius